Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Acer Aspire One

Acer One Happy
Acer has come out with a new line of netbooks based on Intel's new mobile dual-core Atom processors which enables new levels of support for applications like games, as well as Adobe Flash technology for access to some of the country's most visited Web pages including online air ticket booking systems and multimedia sites such as Youtube.

Acer One D255
The Acer One D255 provide stunning design and full-day power and comes in coffee brown, red black, blue and white. The Acer Aspire One Happy, on the other hand comes in bursting with joy colors such as hawaii blue, lime green, candy pink, and lavender purple and is the perfect digital accessory for young, fashionable people who are highly mobile and constantly connected with their social network.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LG Cookies

LG Cookies Snap GM3601 
Enhance your mobile life with full touchscreen LG Cookies Snap GM360i just designed for you. The new phone features a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and the optical zoom that enables you to zoom without loosing any picture quality. You can share the supreme moments via real time push email and convenient mobile SNS.

LG Cookie Pro GT350
With its effortless connectivity and instant access to SNS sites. LG Cookie Pro GT350's user interface was specifically designed to make it easier than ever to enjoy real-time interaction with friends on popular social network such as Facebook and Twitter. A live Social network feed appears on the phone's 3-inch WQVA touchscreen and a quick tap of the refresh button brings up to the latest updates instantly. Its four row QWERTY keypad offers a spacious layout that reduces mistyping and customizable shortcut keys provide direct access to optimized interfaces for each network.
The LG Cookies Pro GT350 offers WiFi support for faster access.

LG Cookie Mini T300
Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of a hand, LG Cookie Mini is the most compact phone in the line-up. LG Cookie Mini is a proof that touch phones don't all look alike. Its compact form factor slips easily into a pocket or purse but still manages to include a generous 2.4 inch display.

LG Cookie Style T310i
LG Cookie Style T310i is the stylish phone in the series with a 2.8-inch LCD display and boldest design. Cookie Style is available in a variety of color options with accents on the front button panel, making it one of the most fashionable full-touch phones on the market. The phone's colorful mix and match design will appeal to the young mobile generation's desire for self-expression.

Monday, March 5, 2012

HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD
Faster, better processors for smartphones.

     Smartphones weren't smart a few years ago as they were mostly used to keep you connected to the office and helped beleaguered execs from missing crucial appointments and meetings. These days, a smartphone is a mish-mash of gadgets rolled into one-miniature computers, camera, GPS, device and a phone- and that's not going to change soon. The demand of consumers, application and hardware have necessitated for aggressive innovation in the mobile CPU space and Qualcomm, the principal provider for CPUs that power the devices of such industry heavyweights like Samsung and HTC, is coming out with a new processor that's unlike anything the industry has seen before.

Unveiled during last year's recently concluded Computex, the company's third-generation Snapdragon chipsets are capable of running up to 1.2MHz, and are dual core.If that feels a bit underwhelming, keep in mind that when the first Android-powered smarphone, the HTC T-Mobile G1 launched two years ago, it had only clock speed of 528MHz. 

But what we're really looking forward to is the company's launch of its 1.5GHz dial-core QSD8672 chip slated sometime late this year. When it does launch in a smartphone it'll roughly have the same computing power as most high-end netbooks today.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Asus N53JQ

     What do you get when you want great graphics, epic sound and powerful computing? You get the N53JQ from Asus.

This 15.6 inch. notebook has all the right features to make it your go-to device for playing games, listening music and watching movies. Powered by an Intel Core i7-740 M mated with Nvidia GeForce 400M graphics and Optimus technology, the N53JQ gives you the perfect mix of power and portability.

The N35JQ is also equipped with Asus' own SonicMaster technology, a new audio hardware and software standard co-developed with Bang & Olufsen. With it, the N53JQ produces result at par with standalone audio systems, establishing a new yardstick by which to measure sound performance

Estimated Value : Php 79,995

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sony Ericson Xperia PLAY

     It looks can be deceiving then the Xperia Play's design is guilty as charged. This device doesn't look any different from other Android smartphones despite its game pad duality. It has an impressively large 4-inch touchscreen display encased in a glossary black finish with silver trim along its side and chic curved edges for that nice comfortable grip.

The Xperia PLAY runs on android 2.3 Gingerbread so you get the easy-to-maneuver five customizable home screens and the crawling main menu that fades to black. It also offers users a faster keyboard and download management. Other features include Facebook and Twitter, text and multimedia messaging, Gmail and other email, Google Maps 5.0, voice navigation, search, Youtube, the WebKit Browser and basic tools like calendar and a calculator.

The phones also comes with Office Suite for reading and editing Offcie documents. The phone also support WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a speakerphone and voice dialing but unfortunately, it doesn't have and HDMI port and 4G. But that's as a smartphone. 

To play games you either access the Xperia PLAY app on the menu or slide open the game pad. It come preloaded with Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, FIFA 10, Star Battalion, Sims 3 and Crash Bandicoot. There's also Tetris which you can only play using the touchscreen.

The gaming part was fine. In fact, what made it so immersive was the brilliant 854x480-pixel FWVGA resolution display and 16 million colors that gave deep blacks, sharp graphics, and crisp text. It's a great way to while away the time. And after a while of getting acquainted with the phone, the Sony Ericson Xperia PLAY does grow on you. You really just need to play with it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

SONY Bravia

Extending the 3D BRAVIA lineup with two new network models, BRAVIA NX810 and NX710 Sony is ready to transform consumers' living space with a lethal combination of 3D capability,connectivity and stunningly elegant Monolithic design.

With the NX810 and NX710, users can easily go on a 3D journey by connecting the TV to the 3D Sync Transmitter and putting on SONY active Shutter 3D glasses to start enjoying life like high-definition 3D entertainment. Quality is assured even in 2D, as the TVs features BRAVIA Engine 3 high-definition video processor, Dynamic Edge Led backlighting and Motionflow technology of up to 200Hz, resulting in incredibly sharp images, smooth motion and ultra-high contrast of over 1,000,000:1.

The BRAVIA NX Series provides you with the ultimate 3D set-up. Surrounded by sleek brushed aluminum, the sleek glass screen are set perfectly flush with the frame to accentuate the luxurious and meticulous nature of its construction. Put on Sony's Active Shutter 3D Glasses for amazing Full HD 3D pictures on the BRAVIA NX810 Series.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

ASUS N-Series

ASUS takes "sound of the next level" with is new N-Series notebooks, sporting a complete redisign aimed at bringing the best multimedia experience. Conceptualized in tandem with master designer David Lewis, the re-imagined notebooks have an elegant streamlined finish, with polished metal edges and a sleek sound wave-inspired speaker mesh.

To guarantee powerful and pristine sound, the N45SF and N55SF feature 32mm Bang and Olufsen ICEpower speakers and an external SonicMaster subwoofer. Not only do the notebooks cater to your multimedia needs, but ASUS has improved its efficiency as well, sporting a quick resume time of only 2 seconds and a standby power on battery of up to 15 days.

The N-Series runs on Intel's 2nd generation i5 (aka Sandy Bridge) processors along with an Nvidia GeForce GT555M for high-spec gaming and eye-popping visuals. In short, the N45SF and N555SF is the perfect notebook if you're looking for a portable multimedia powerhouse.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wikitude World Browser 5

Stuck in a place you're not familiar with? Want to know the nearest pizza place? Download the Wikitude World Browser 5 and see the world around you in a different light.

Wikitude is an augmented reality browser that scans your surroundings for geo-referenced content using the camera and the device's censors. The objects' information is displayed is the cam right where the real object is located.

Providers (known as worlds) have created POIs in almost every corner of the globe, and you'll be able to look around using your smartphone and see what's around you. Jonesing for some good grub? The power location aware search engine scans all the local worlds for your search term and gives you the relevant matches in your immediate location. It's a great tool for exploring a new country, or even just looking at your old haunts in a new light.

Wikitude requires Compass, Accelerometer, GPS and Camera and is available all devices with the requested hardware: Android Phones, iPhone (3Gs, 4) but also some Nokia smartphones

Monday, February 20, 2012

Apple Macbook Air (11-INCH)

This is what Apple dubs a result of a h hookup between the iPad and the Macbook, and true enough, its has features from both. it now adapts the same intuitive unibody casing and design of the current Macbook pros.

Its is equiped with a glass trackpad which allows multi-touch gestures for precision and control. With booming specs such as Intel Core Duo 1.4 GHz, Nvidia Geforce 320m, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and a Facetime camera to boot- is is now faster, unbelievably thinner and lighter that netbooks can't even compare.

The new Macbook Air also runs on flash SSD which means it boots up in an instant- just like your iPad. The battery life is noteworthy as well- 5 hours of wireless web use and up to 30days on standby. It also comes preinstalled with the newly released iLife 11. It's beautiful. It's lust-worthy. Students on-the-go should definitely watch out for this one.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The result of Samsung Electronics and Google, the Galaxy Nexus is possibly the world's first smartphone running on Android 4.0 (or Ice Cream Sandwich), the latest release of the Android platform. This new phone features a 4.65 inch HD Super AMOLED display technology at 720p resolution and a 1.2GHz dual core processor. Ice Cream Sandwich brings an entirely new look and feel to Android. It has a redesigned user interface with improved multi-tasking, notification, WiFi hotspot, NFC support and a full web browsing experience.

Galaxy Nexus features software navigation buttons, a first for Android smartphones. There's a People app, which lets you, browse friends, family, and co-workers, see their photos in high resolution, and check their latest status updates from Google+ and other social networks. The Galaxy Nexus' redesigned camera introduces panorama mode, 1080p video capture, zero shutter lag, and effect like silly faces and background replacement.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nokia X7 smartphone

    There no doubt that touchscreen smartphones are now the go-to mobile phone today. With several manufacturers clearly dominating the market, lets see how beloved industry veteran nokia shapes out, with one of its latest releases, the X7.

    The greatest selling point of this smartphone is its highly attractive exterior. The X7 has a leek minimalist design that embodies the air of an executive mobile. Its predominantly rectangular form is accentuated with slightly slanted edges and a smooth curved metal backplate that gives it a modem and futuristic look. Although the X7 is also quite heavy for a smartphone, this helps make it feel lavish, expensive, and ruggedly solid.

    When looking at X7, you notice almost every port or button is smoothly concealed in its sleek design. On the top you'll find the port for the microUSB/charger, 3.5mm jack and the power button. When you turn it around to view its backplate, all you will see is the 8MP camera, the volume rocker, camera button, and the slots for the microSD and the simcard.

    While the metal backplate certainly looks great, taking off the cover for the SIMCARD slot posed quite a great challenge-unhinging and re-inserting it took several frustrating minutes to achieve. Moreover, since the backplate is sealed tight, you will be unable to access the battery, which posses the question of how to replace it. Unhinging the microSD slot, on the other hand, was curiously and satisfyingly easy.

    Turning the X7 around for normal use greets us with a bright and well-illuminated 4-inch AMOLED display, which is thankfully protected by Gorillas glass. Overall, the display is visually impressive-colors are vivid and details are crisp, making widgets and icons appear to pop out from the screen. Located directly below the gorgeous 360x640 resolution display in the sole physical button on the front side of the X7, which serves as the HOME/BACK key.

    Running on the symbian Anna OS, users navigate via 3 familiar homescreens, which can be scrolled by touch-sliding sideways or by tapping on a button in the bottom center. The homescreens are fully customizable as well, so you can place shortcuts to your favorite widgets and applications. Additionally, there are two touch function buttons on the buttom left and right, which serve as a shortcut to Option and as a Call/Exit button.

    The touchscreen on the X7 is responsive, but perhaps a little too responsive for my taste. The slanted edges of the body and the miniscule space between the display and the phone's edges tend to repeatedly cause undesired touch commands. To effectively use the phone, it seemed more practical to either place it on a flat surface or to cradle it in the palm of my hand and "poke" at it (for lack of a better term). Moreover, it was quite difficult to type with the X7 because of two reasons: the touch keys are too small and too sensitive. It disappointingly took a great deal of effort to compose messages, even when used in landscape orientation.

    However, general navigation and performing mundane actions were satisfactory on the X7. Although at times a little sluggish and seemingly counter-intuitive, what is a great selling point it is excellent battery life.With constant use (including consistent Wi-Fi), it was able to last roughly two days before requiring to be recharged, which is impressive.

    Moreover, its 8-megapixel rear-facing camera shoots crisp photos, and has a great post-processing option installed such as color filters and "bubble" fish-eye emulators. But you can expect hurdles in finding a decent way to hold the phone without any unwanted grazes to the touchscreen.

    In short, I personally found myself wanting more with the X7. Its great aesthetic design had my hopes up, but after getting around to using it this particular mobile fell short of my personal expectations from a titan manufacturer such as Nokia. Here's to hoping that subsequent releases will feature vast improvement.

    • Dimension : 119.7 x 62.8 x 11.9 mm
    • Weight : 146 g
    • Display : 4.0 inches, AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, 360 x 640 pixels, Gorilla glass
    • Audio : Stereo speakers, 3.5mm jack
    • Memory : 8GB included (32GB max), 256MB RAM, 1GB ROM
    • ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, 3G, HSDPA
    • Ports : 3.5mm jack, microUSB 2.0
    • Camera : 8 MP, 3264x3448 pixel, dual-LED flash
    • Video : 720P@25fps
    • CPU680 MHz ARM 11 processor

    What's Hot:
    • Great aesthetic design
    • Excellent Battery life
    What's Not:
    • Dodgy OS
    • Over sensitive touch response
       The Nokia X7 is good phone,but it could have been a lot better

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